24-Mar-2018San Antonio, TX(1 miles)Birds for Sale
2 bird cages for sale in good conditions Big cage with stand $175 5Ft tall with stand L 2ft 10in W/D 1 ft 7in Black tall cage $ $85 L 2 Ft 9 in W 1 Ft 8in D/W 1F 3 in PICK UP ONLY
26-Mar-2018San Antonio, TX(1 miles)Birds for Sale
Rehoming my parrot had her for about a year and half ... will only let her go to some 1 that has experience she is alot of work not good for some one that has small children she does bite when kids stick there fingers inn her cage... she is extremely loud and messy so if you don't like loud noises she is NOT for you she needs lots off attention if she dont get it she yells her butt off lol she ...
27-Feb-2018San Antonio, TX(1 miles)Birds for Sale
FSDDGFTGF This verry parrot is intelligent , nice looking , healthy and of age 1 year 6 months .This parrot has all the quallity that any body will love to see in a parrots it speaks english and spanish . so do contact for it @ 815 x 277 x 9012 thanks. .
I have the most amazing loving social and sweet cocktail that CRAVES attention which I love but my husband is constantly complaining when I have her out of cage or when she sings and calls for me. I want to get her a friend so she can have someone to play and interact with since husband doesn t want me letting her free fly anymore but he won t even let me do that. I don t think it s fair to kee...
33" wide, 33" tall & 14" deep . Two lg Openings in front,one in back . one sm.opening on one side & large double opening on top so he can come out. Suitable for parrot or other large bird.
19-Apr-2018San Antonio, TX(1 miles)Birds for Sale
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